Film Reviews

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Relentless. Dir. Andy Amadi Okoroafor. France and Nigeria: Clam Productions, 2010. African Studies Review 55.2 (2012): 187-88.

Book Reviews

Charles Novia, Nollywood till November: Memoirs of a Nollywood insider. Bloomington: AuthorHouse, 2012. African Studies Review 56.1 (2013): 205-206.

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Frances Harding, ed. The Performance Arts in Africa: A Reader. London and New York: Routledge, 2002. African Studies Review 47.1 (2004): 241-42.

Karin Barber, The Generation of Plays: Yorùbá Popular Life in Theater. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2000. African Studies Review 45.3 (2002): 108-09.

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Olivier Barlet, Les Cinémas d’Afrique noire: le regard en question. Paris: L’Harmattan, 1996. Research in African Literatures 31.4 (Winter 2000): 177-78.

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